Friday, December 31, 2010

My Train for 5k Plan

     It was a struggle for me to choose a training plan to prepare me for my first 5k.  This is not the first time I have embarked on this adventure.  However, I hope this is the first time I will actually run a 5k and achieve my goal.  I am a little tentative to use a plan that I have tried before, because obviously, I did not achieve my goals, with the previous training schedules.  However, after I considered my current fitness level, my time frame, and my 5k goals, I have decided to go back to a running schedule that I have tried before.   
     I will be using this training plan.  It suits my current fitness level because it starts from the beginning and helps me to build a running base.  I have not exercised regularly for a while, so I need to start at the beginning.  My timeframe is not too limited.  My goal is to run a 5k, sometime during the 2011 calendar year.  Therefore, I have plenty of time to train.  My goal is to run the entire race and finish the 5k in 38 minutes or less.  This is at the pace of a 12 minute mile.  I know that is slow, but I am only 5’3”, and I have a very short stride.  Also cut me a break --  this is my first 5k!
     I have used this plan before, and I followed it through to completion.  However, I did not run a 5k, after I finished the training schedule.  After I completed the training schedule, I could run a full 30 minutes without stopping.  However, because of my short stride, I was not running 3.1 miles.  Therefore, I was not running the length of a 5k in 30 minutes.  Instead of trying to increase my distance, I got busy with something else, and I quit.  Since I now know my problem with this plan, I am going to do a modified version of this plan.
     Instead of running each day at the specified run/walk intervals for the suggested amount of time or distance, I am going to run the intervals for a total distance of 3.1 miles, regardless of the amount of time it takes.  I know this will make my training schedule more time consuming in the beginning.  However, my training times should decrease with time, as I run more and walk less. 
     Now, you know my plan.  What’s yours?

Choosing a 5k Training Plan

     The internet is full of training schedules to assist you in preparing to run a 5k.  With so many options at your fingertips, it can be difficult to choose a 5k Training Plan.  In determining which plan is best for you, there are several factors you should consider.  You should consider your current fitness level, the amount of time you have to train, and your goals for the race.    

     Your current fitness level is an important factor, in choosing a plan to train for 5k.  If you are completely new to running, you will first need to establish a running base.  It is important to choose a plan that alternates running and walking, and starts off slow.  There are a lot of 5k training schedules that begin with a lot of walking and short bursts of running are intermingled.  These plans progress slowly, until a running base is established and you have built up enough endurance to complete a 3.1 mile or 5k run.  However, if you already have a running base established, you may want to look for a more advanced training schedule that does not incorporate so much walking in the beginning.

     The amount of time you have to train is another factor to consider, when choosing a training plan.  For example, if you have only 8 weeks before your big race, you must find a training schedule that can prepare you in 8 weeks.  There are many plans available all over the internet, which are based on a 6-8 week training schedule.  However, if you have more time, you will have the liberty of choosing a training schedule that builds up your endurance more slowly.    

     The last factor to consider in choosing a training plan, is your goal for your 5k race.  Is your goal to finish, regardless of whether you are walking or running?  Is your goal to run the entire race?  Is your goal to finish the race within a certain amount of time?  You should choose a training schedule that is best tailored to help you meet your goals.   
     What plan will you use to train for 5k and how did you choose?  Tell us in the comments.

About Me and My Blog - Train for 5k

Are you a mom, dad or career-minded individual, who fell out of the habit of staying fit?  Has the business of life taken over and left you with no time or energy to work out?  If so, you and I have a lot in common.  I am a busy wife and mother of two, with my own business.  Exercising has not been a top priority in my life, for a very long time.  That is changing. 
My 2011 New Year’s resolution is to train for a 5k and run a 5k, sometime during 2011.  In this blog, I will document my journey.  I will also include information and tips for you, as you train for your 5k run.    
The goal of
1.                   To provide the steps and information for individuals, who want to train for 5k races.  
2.                   To provide motivation and tips for people who need an extra push to find time for training, and the incentive to keep moving toward the goal.     
So whether you are a beginner or a veteran of 5k races, join me, as I train for my first 5k.