Saturday, March 12, 2011

Finding a 5k Race

When I was looking for 5k Races in my local area, I found two websites very helpful. is a great place to start.  This website provides a map, on which you can click on your state.  After clicking on your state, you will see a list of races categorized by date and place.  It includes links where you can obtain more information about each race.  You can also click on the 5k tab to filter out running events that do not include 5k races. 
The race finder at is another great resource when searching for 5k races in a particular location.  It allows you to search for races within a certain amount of miles from a particular city or zip code. You can include a date range and the type of race in your search.  The search results include a list of races categorized by date.  The list also includes links which provide more information about each race. 
Are there any other great websites that allow runners to find local races?       

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