Saturday, January 1, 2011

My motivations for running…

     I have made no secret that I have previously embarked on the goal to run a 5k and have not succeeded.  Life got in the way, and running was no longer a priority.  This time, I am doing it differently.  I am going to outline my motivations for running, so when life interferes, I can look back and get re-motivated. 
1.     Cardiovascular benefits.
     The benefits of running on my cardiovascular health is a motivation for me.   Running lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, and helps arteries to maintain their elasticity. It reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.  I have a very strong family history of heart disease.  In fact, my dad had open heart surgery at the age of 37.  Yikes! 

2.     Psychological benefits.
     There are many psychological benefits of running.  It has the ability to alter your mood.  It accomplishes this by allowing your body to release endorphins, which are feel good hormones.  Running  lowers stress levels, which would obviously put you in a better mood.

3.     Increase in Energy.
     Running increases energy. In fact, some runners actually claim they feel more energized after a run, than before they began. 

4.     Weight Loss.
     Last but not least, I want to lose some weight.  I have about 25 pounds of “baby weight” to shed. However, I’m not going to lie – my “baby” is three years old.  I guess it is time to claim that extra 25 pounds as my own.  
     What are your motivations for running a 5k?

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